BERTSCHAT®'s unique Dual Heating technology

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BERTSCHAT® is known for product design and technological developments. In 2021, Dual Heating technology was introduced. For those not yet familiar with this technology: maximum heating surface on every possible piece of fabric. Which really does heat the entire surface.

This technique did not go unnoticed for long and a Dutch TV programme from RTL went to find out, below the video clip:

The development of Dual Heating technology

BERTSCHAT® employees are closely involved in all facets of operations and product development, from customer support staff to product developers. The Dual Heating technology was sparked by a customer request, this customer was suffering from a severe form of Raynaud’s Syndrome. This is a phenomenon that causes you to experience discomfort in your fingers and/or toes due to cold temperatures. You can lose all feeling in your fingers and/or toes within minutes when exposed to low temperatures. Cold ambient temperatures are a trigger for Raynaud’s syndrome, causing the symptoms to occur more rapidly.

For this reason, there was a need for optimal heating surfaces. A BERTSCHAT® customer service employee immediately wrote down this recommendation and discussed it with the manager on duty. During the monthly meeting, later that month, this suggestion was discussed with the product developers, and they started working on it immediately.

The result? In the following winter season (2021), the first Dual Heating line was launched. Heated gloves that really heat the entire hand are a reality. Maximum heating surface is a godsend for many, including winter sports enthusiasts. Because this was such a success, the technology was implemented in more products. A year later (2022) heated vests, body warmers and jackets followed, providing warmth to the entire upper body. Ideal for people going on expeditions to extremely cold areas, winter sports enthusiasts, hikers, and cyclists.

How long can Dual Heating products provide heating?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The warmer and the larger the surface area, the more energy it takes to heat it up. More heat output means a shorter heating time. It can be compared to a car on the motorway: the higher the speed, the faster it goes but the more petrol it consumes. After evaluating battery life on the dual heating products BERTSCHAT® aim is to ensure the best possible customer experience. As a result, even more powerful batteries have been produced resulting in the 3,800 mAh. This battery is the most powerful available. As its capacity increases, so does its size. When batteries become too big, they become uncomfortable to carry.

When choosing the right battery pack for you, ask yourself the question: How long do I want to heat? Based on the outcome of this question, we can provide you with the best advice. Please feel free to contact one of our specialists if you have any questions.

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