Heated Vest

Cold shivers on your body can always be an unpleasant consequence of the cold winter days. On days like this, you prefer to stay indoors, close to a warm stove. However, sometimes there is no escaping and you must go outside. For people with a medical condition, the winter months can be extremely unpleasant. It also can be a problem for people who seeks out the cold temperatures for winter sports or a winter walk? For all these activities and/or problems, there is one simple solution a rechargeable heated vest.

How does a heated vest work?

Each heated vest is powered through a power bank. Depending on the type and model, you will receive one or two powerbanks with your heated vest. This is also displayed on the product page of the Heated Vest. Once you have connected the powerbank to your heated vest and switched it on, simply press the button on the outside of the rechargeable heated vest. Now the heated vest is switched on in the highest setting. By pressing the button again, you can switch between the heat settings. Only powerful powerbanks are included, so that the heating time and heat output are optimised.

Heated vest for men

There are different types of the rechargeable heated vest for men. Are you looking for maximum heating surface area? Then always choose the heated vest men with the Dual Heating technique. With this technique, your upper body is heated by no less than 10 heating zones, spread over the body. Six heating zones on the back and 4 in the front. This heated vest comes with two powerbanks, where each powerbank is responsible for powering 5 heating zones. The average heating duration is between 2 and 10 hours.

Heated vest for women

Are you looking for a nice fitted model, check out our heated vest for women. You have the choice of the heated vest for women Single Heating and Dual heating. This single heating heated vest has five heating zones, three of which are located at the back and two at the front (chest height), ideal for hiking, winter sports or cycling. Are you really going to the colder areas or require more warmth? Check out the heated vest women - Dual Heating.

A handy tip we always give anyway is to wear layers. If you have a good winter coat, wear it over the heated vest or heated under vest. This ensures that the accumulated heat can't go anywhere, so you can even heat at a lower level and be nice and warm.

Complete product range: heated vest

Are you looking for another product, or do you have any questions about the heated vest? Then feel free to contact one of our specialists, they will be happy to help you and can advise you on making the right decision. Did you know that the heated vest is perfect to wear under your existing clothes? For example our heated under vest, we offer the heated under vest in Single Heating as well as Dual Heating version. The heated under vest is specially manufactured to be worn under (work) clothes, making it perfect for road workers, laborers, athletes, hikers and cyclists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each model of the Heated Vest has its own specifications, so there is always a Heated Vest to suit your needs. In addition, a team of specialists work day in day out to design the best Heated Vest and implement new innovations every year. This makes BERTSCHAT® unique. The large heating surface is also exceptional, really the entire upper body is heated by the Heated Vest.

What is good for one person does not necessarily mean being good for another. All BERTSCHAT® products are of exceptional quality. Are you looking for maximum warmth and optimal heating duration? Then always choose the Heated Vest with the unique Dual Heating technique.

The heating range of the Heated Vest is between 2-10 hours. This depends on several factors, such as the heat level. The higher the setting, the more heat you will experience, but the more energy it takes. Also, (cold) ambient temperatures affect the operation of the powerbanks.

The heating wires in the Heated Vest can reach a temperature of 68 degrees. Thanks to insulation material around the heating wires, this temperature does not reach your skin directly. Of course, you can also heat at a lower level by simply pressing a button on the Heated Vest.

BERTSCHAT® products, including the Heated Vest, come with a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty. If you have questions or a problem with the product after that time, feel free to contact us. Even then we will provide you with all services.