Heated Gloves for women

Your hands are one of the most exposed parts of your body, so keeping them warm during the harsh winter months can be difficult, especially for women who suffer more from cold temperatures. There are some people who are always cold no matter what season, but the freezing temperatures of winter can be extra challenging, especially if you love to be outdoors year-round. The solution? Ladies heated gloves of BERTSCHAT®! Meet the latest and greatest heated gloves for women.

Most powerful batteries

The heated gloves women love, have heating wires placed throughout the glove that warm up when you activate the attached battery pack. The heated ladies gloves have different heating levels to choose from, so you can increase or decrease the temperature to your liking. The gloves come with the most powerful batteries; you can choose between 2,200, 2,600, 3,000, or even 3.800 mAh.

Complete product range of heated gloves for women

While all heated gloves for women will keep your hands warm in freezing temperatures, some are specially designed for different kinds of outdoor activities. If you work outside all day, for instance, you should look for a pair that are thin enough to provide full movement of your fingers and palms, our heated under gloves for example. Under normal circumstances this is sufficient, do you go cycling or skiing, or do you work with "mandatory" work gloves? Then you can put it on over it. Now the heated gloves for women provide extra warmth to your hands and your 'over' glove provides protection and insulation against extra cold and possible wind. These heated gloves for women can also be used without 'over' gloves. However, this women heated glove is specially designed to wear under gloves, among other things. To make these heating gloves for women as thin as possible, these heated gloves for ladies have no wind or waterproof layer and no insulation.

For all purposes

Meanwhile, if you plan on wearing these innovative accessories while you shovel snow, go biking, skiing or snowboarding, opt for a pair heated gloves for women made from waterproof materials so your hands will stay dry. Like our heated gloves for women, our heated mittens for women also come with single or dual heating systems. People who want to pack them for camping excursions or fishing trips should invest in a pair with a long battery life or we would possibly recommend an additional battery pack.


Heated gloves for women can make a huge difference when you have to be in harsh conditions. In addition to heated base layers and outerwear, our heated gloves for women are great in cold conditions or for those with medical needs. Heated gloves for women are completely safe to wear and are easy for anyone to use. Our heated gloves for women are also ideal for people who suffer from cold hands, chilblains and Raynaud's syndrome. The women heated gloves are also used by avid hikers, (electric) cyclists and winter sports enthusiasts. All our heated products, also our heating gloves for women, come with a charger and batteries included. The included batteries can also be used on other BERTSCHAT® products, such as the heated socks.