Heated Body Warmer

The Heated Body warmer is especially for those who want to get through the winter months comfortably. No longer annoyed by a cold gust of wind or cold temperatures? The Heated Body warmer is the perfect product to combat the cold. The BERTSCHAT® Heated Body warmer is made of soft and thin material and for that reason ideal to wear under your existing sweater or coat. It also provides an extra layer of insulation, enhancing the warming effect.

Heated body warmer men
Do you want maximum heating surface and heating time? If so, choose the Mens heated body warmer dual heating. This heated body warmer comes with two power banks and has 10 heating areas. The heated body warmer is adjustable at the side by means of a zipper, so you will always have a heated body warmer tailored to your size. At the shoulders, too, the heated body warmer is adjustable through Velcro. The heated body warmer has three different heat settings, so you are can always be sure of the right temperature. The heated body warmer is ideal to wear under your (mandatory) work clothing.

Heated bodywarmer women
Are you looking for a good heated body warmer for ladies? Then take a look at our special PRO model. This fully equipped Womens heated body warmer comes with one power bank. It is adjustable and has five heating zones. Do you want maximum heating? Then be sure to check out the heated body warmer ladies with Dual Heating technology.

Complete product range: heated body warmer
The heated body warmer is best worn as a first layer, over which a jumper and/or jacket can be worn. Are you looking for a jacket? Then check our page heated jacket for a suitable model. The operation of a heated jacket is more or less identical, but it has the advantage of a hood and can be worn as a jacket. Here, too, you can choose between the Single Heating version or the Dual Heating version.

Maximum heating?
Do you require maximum heat from your heated body warmer? Then you can always opt for the Extra Powerpack. You will then receive twice as much battery capacity, which means you can simply heat for twice as long. You can easily charge the included power packs using the included charging cable.

Advice and warranty heated body warmer
All BERTSCHAT® products have a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty, including the heated body warmer. Do you have questions or problems after that time? Feel free to contact us, our specialists are ready to help and advise you. Are you unsure which product best suits your purpose? Feel free to call us, our specialists have years of experience and can provide you with the best advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to other suppliers, this heated body warmer is ideal for wearing under existing (work) clothes. In addition, your current sweater/jacket also enhances the warmth effect, which will make you feel even warmer. The heated body warmer is adjustable, so it always fits. The large heating zones and heat output are unique, warming the entire upper body. The heated body warmer comes exclusively with new, powerful power banks. Allowing you to heat for hours at high temperatures.

If you want the warmest body warmer, always choose the heated body warmer with Dual Heating technology. If you also want to heat at a high temperature for longer periods of time, choose the Extra Powerpack, this way you will always have sufficient battery capacity.

The heated body warmer heats for about 2 to 10 hours. The exact heating time depends on several factors, so the above are just guidelines. The higher the heat setting, the more heat you will experience but more energy is used. Higher temperatures come at the expense of the heating duration. Ambient temperature also affects the performance of the heated body warmer powerbanks.

The heating wires in the heated body warmer can reach a temperature of 68 degrees. Thanks to insulation material around the heating wires, this temperature does not reach your skin directly. Of course, you can also heat at a lower level by simply pressing a button on the heated body warmer.