Heated Insoles

A wonderful, invisible and warm solution: that's what BERTSCHAT®'s Heated insoles offer. Do you suffer from cold and/or painful feet, but want to wear your normal footwear and socks? No problem with the insoles. You simply place them in any shoe and the Heated insoles provide unprecedented warmth. You can use them at any time, and they will fit any shoe.

Different options: Heated insoles

We offer different types of insoles, where there is always one to suit your purpose or activity. If you have a medical condition, such as Raynaud's Syndrome, we recommend choosing the Heated insoles with the largest heating surface. This will give you the biggest heat effect and most effectively combats pain. BERTSCHAT® offers the best versions of the insoles every year, however, technology keeps evolving. Especially for products like the Heated insoles with an integrated battery. In the latest editions, such as the Elite and Limited Edition, walking comfort has been boosted significantly. Softening material has been placed around the integrated battery, so that you do not feel the battery when walking long distances.

Do you want all the comforts of home? Then choose the Heated insoles Limited Edition. This edition features a USB-C connection, speeding up the charging time. In addition, these Heated insoles feature a handy pull-out tab, making it easy to remove the insoles from your shoes. This edition features the largest possible heating surface and thus provides the greatest heat effect. In addition, the newer models come plastic-free, contributing to a more sustainable world.

Powerful, integrated USB rechargeable battery

Unlike other heated products, the batteries of the Heated insoles are built in. This means you have no hassle with cords. The batteries are USB rechargeable, so you can also charge the Heated insoles on the go. The insoles feature a powerful 2,200 mAh on 3.7 Volt battery. Due to the integrated battery, the Heated insoles have a maximum thickness of 15 mm.

Are you looking for a thinner model? Then check out our Heated insoles with external battery. These insoles come with an even more powerful external battery of 3,800 mAh at 7.4 volts. This simply allows you to heat even longer. Also offered is the option where the entire foot is heated. You can easily attach the external battery to your shoes. BERTSCHAT heated insoles UK are supplied in the sizes you are used to. This way you can just keep to your shoe size.

Complete range

Perhaps the heated shoe insoles are not quite your thing? No problem. We also offer Heated Socks, the advantage of which is that the entire front foot is heated. Whereas with the Heated insoles, it only comes from below. If you have questions about which product best suits your purpose, feel free to contact one of our specialists. They will be happy to advise you and help you make the right choice. Also cold hands? Click here for our heated gloves or all our heated products.

Frequently Asked Questions

BERTSCHAT® Heated insoles are unique. This is due to the wide selection available, so there is always a model of insoles to suit your purposes. Distinctive features compared to other suppliers are: battery capacity, heating surface and innovation. At 2,200 mAh at 3.7 volts, the built-in battery of the Heated insoles is a lot more powerful than other providers. In addition, with the external battery you even have the option of heating the entire sole of the foot with a hugely powerful battery. This combination is unique and not available anywhere else other than at BERTSCHAT®. Because a team of specialists keeps a close eye on market developments, BERTSCHAT® always offers the latest and most advanced products. Ensuring that you always have the best and latest material at your disposal.

This depends on the purpose. Do you want the warmest heated insoles? Then choose the insoles with the largest heating surface and the most powerful battery. If you choose convenience, choose Heated insoles with integrated battery and improved walking comfort.

All Heated insoles work on the basis of a powerful battery. Depending on the model and setting, you can use it to heat for hours. With the Heated insoles with external battery, you place the battery on your shoes and switch on the insoles with a remote control, allowing you to choose the right setting and enjoy hours of warm feet. With the insoles with integrated battery, you simply switch on the Heated insoles using the remote control and put them in the right setting. When the batteries of the insoles are depleted, simply remove them from your shoes and recharge them with the included USB adapter.

This depends on several factors, including the heat setting. The higher the heat setting the more heat the Heated insoles provide, however, this also consumes more energy. Heating at a higher setting is at the expense of the heating time. The heat effect is amplified in well-insulated shoes. They retain heat better, allowing you to heat at a lower setting.

The heating wires placed in the Heated insoles can reach a temperature of 68 degrees on the highest setting. Of course, there is insulation material around the heating wires, so this temperature is never in direct contact with your skin. You can easily select a lower heating setting through the remote control.