Heated Socks

Very cold, or even painful feet is one of the reasons why BERTSCHAT® offers a solution to a common problem. For some people it is a medical problem, others suffer from cold feet just because they like to spend time outdoors during the winter season. Whatever the reason is, BERTSCHAT®'s Heating Socks are the solution.

Heated Socks for every purpose

We offer different heated mens socks, and heated socks for women, so there is always a solution for your purpose or activity. At first glance, there are two different models of the Heated Socks. These are the Long Edition and the Hiking Edition heat socks. As the name suggests, the Long Edition Heated Socks are a longer version and are most commonly used by skiers, equestrians and motorcyclists. The battery pouch rises above the boot and is therefore not in the way. Of course, these thin thermal socks are perfectly suitable for many other activities such as hiking, cycling, sports and for people who suffer from Raynaud's syndrome. We do see a large group of people who use them as heated cycling socks, making them perfect for sports use.

The best heated socks

Do you prefer to wear the heated thermal socks under your calves? Then the Hiking Edition socks are an excellent choice. These warming socks rise above a hiking boot which make them perfect for hikers, cyclists, chores in or around the house, and people who suffer from Raynaud's syndrome and chillblains.

If you are looking for optimal walking comfort, then choose one of our socks of the Elite line. Due to the external heating element, you don't feel the heating wires while walking. This is recommended for people with sensitive feet or those who want to use them during long distance walks.

Powerful, USB rechargeable batteries

All battery powered electric socks come with powerful, USB rechargeable batteries. The 2,600 mAh (7.4 volts) are included with the Heated Socks as of standard. You can expect between 3 and 10 hours of warmth with these USB socks, The heating duration of the Heated Socks depends on several factors. One of those factors is the heat setting, the higher the setting, the more heat the socks emits, the more energy it consumes. Heating at a higher setting comes at the expense of the battery life. Ambient temperatures can also affect the Heated Socks ' batteries. The batteries can be charged on the go, thanks to the handy USB functionality. This allows you to recharge the batteries using a power bank or a USB connection in your car. The Heated Socks come with a remote control as standard, allowing you to adjust the temperature settings. BERTSCHAT® rechargeable heated socks UK are supplied in the sizes you are used to. This way you can just keep to your shoe size.

Complete product range

Are you wandering which model of heated socks suits you best? Feel free to contact one of our specialists, who will be happy to help you make the best choice for your Heated Socks . Looking for a different kind of heating apart from your feet? No problem, we also offer the best heated body warmer or take a look at our heated gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

BERTSCHAT® Heated Socks can be called unique. Every year the socks are upgraded and equipped with the latest technological improvements. The distinctive features of the Heated Socks compared to other suppliers are: maximum heating surface, battery capacity, high-quality material. The heating surface of the socks is 50% larger than several other suppliers. In addition, the Heated Socks come with new, powerful batteries. As a result, you can enjoy hours of warm feet without having to think about the cold and chilly weather. In addition, the best materials are chosen for the Heated Socks every year, so they are and remain durable as well.

That depends on your purposes and your needs. If you want maximum comfort and warmth, we recommend the ELITE line. These feature the latest technological developments, have the largest heat surface area and the best walking comfort.

The Heated Socks work with powerful batteries that are included. You simply connect these batteries to the socks and place them in the battery compartment. Switch on the Heated Socks by pressing the button. From then on, you can regulate the temperature from the remote control, so you always choose the right temperature. Depending on the heat setting and ambient temperature, you can heat for hours with your socks.

The heating time depends on several factors. You can heat for up to 10 hours with the Heated Socks . If you use a higher setting, the socks will provide more heat, which of course consumes more energy. Heating at a higher temperature comes at the cost of the heating time. Good insulated shoes will retain the heat better then simple cotton sneakers. It increases the heat effect and allows you to heat on a lower heating setting.

The maximum temperature the heating wires of the Heated Socks can reach is 68 degrees. Of course, there is insulation material around the heating wires, so this heat is not in direct contact with your skin. Of course, you can heat on a lower setting if you want a lower temperature.