Mens heated body warmer

The Heated Body Warmer is designed for men who don’t want to be cold and survive the colder winter months comfortably. Don’t let the freezing temperatures, rain, wind, and hailstorms get in your way and annoy you. The Heated Body Warmer is the perfect product for men to combat the cold. The BERTSCHAT® Body Warmer is made of soft and thin material and for that reason ideal to wear under your existing sweater or coat. It also provides an extra layer of insulation, enhancing the warming effect.

Choice of various Heated Body Warmers Men

The Body Warmer is available in two different options, Single Heating and Dual Heating. With the Single Heating Bodywarmer you get five heating elements that will warm your body. The Mens Heated Body Warmer - Dual Heating, features ten different heating elements, giving you extra warmth in comparison to the single version. All the elements are carefully distributed over the Body Warmer so your whole torso is heated.

Powerful batteries

The Heated Body Warmer Men is powered by a powerful powerbank. The Single Heating Body Warmer comes with one powerbank, the dual heating comes with two powerbanks. For the dual heating each powerbank will heat five different elements, three in the back and two in the front. The standard pack gives you between 2 to 8 hours of heating, if you require longer heating, then we recommend ordering an extra powerpack. This way you can heat twice as long and recharge the empty powerbanks while using the other pair.

Features of BERTSCHAT® Electric Body Warmer Men

The Heated Body Warmer is two size fits all, sizing from XXS-M and M-XXXL. It is adjustable at the side by means of a zipper and at the shoulders it is adjustable through Velcro. This way you will always have a Heated Body Warmer tailored to your size. There are three different heat settings, so you are can always be sure to set the right temperature.

Do you have to work in (compulsory) work clothing? Then the Mens Heated Body Warmer is very easy to wear under your work clothes. You can adjust the zippers of the Body Warmer so it will fit very tight. This will ensure you can work outdoors or in a cooling cell without being cold.

The Heated Body Warmer is not only meant for workmen but it’s also extremely suitable for when you go hiking, cycling, fishing, skiing or other outdoor activities. The Mens Heated Body Warmer works best when wearing a well insulated jacket or sweater. More insulation means the heating effect you experience is enhanced. A sweater or jacket worn over the Body Warmer provides an extra layer of insulation and ensures that the heat cannot escape. For this reason, we recommend that you always wear a good jacket when wearing the Electric Body Warmer outdoors.