Heated Clothes

For every purpose, there are different possibilities. Do you primarily use heated clothing in and around the house? Then a heated vest is a good option. The vest is available both with single and dual heating. The single vest has five large heating elements. The dual vest has double, so a total of 10 heating elements. This allows the vest to get extremely warm. It is powered by a power bank. The heated undershirt, the heated bodywarmer, is also ideal for people who are required to wear work clothing, as the vest is extremely thin. Another option could be the jacket, which is equipped with a wind and waterproof layer. So you have various options for electrically heated clothing.

Electrically heated clothes: optimal heating area

In addition to the PRO versions of electric heated clothes, you also have the option of Dual Heating electrically heated clothing as briefly mentioned before. Dual heating clothes feature 10 heating zones, providing you with optimal warmth. The heating zones on the dual heating clothes are divided between the front (4) and the back (6). With the dual heating model, you will receive 2 powerbanks, which gives you twice as much heating for a small additional cost. This way, cold days are definitely a thing of the past.

Different models

There is both heated clothing for women and heated clothing for men available. Additionally, we also offer a number of unisex models. The title of the respective product indicates whether it is electrically heated clothing for women or for men. The heated clothing always comes with a battery (pack) included.

Advice and warranty heated clothes

All of our heated clothes come with a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty, and of course, you can still reach out to us for service and advice after that period. Our team of specialists is always ready to answer all your questions and provide you with advice on electrically heated clothes that suits your needs.

Frequently asked question

For heated clothes from head to toe, you can reach out to us. We offer the best heated clothes including heated pants, heated underclothes, heated socks, heated vests and many more. The range is very wide, so the right product can be chosen for every purpose.

The heating wires in the heated clothes can reach a maximum temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. With a well-insulated jacket or pants, you provide an additional insulation layer, enhancing extra heating effect if necessary. This way, you can fully enjoy the heated clothes to maximum extent.

The heated clothes are certainly washable. However, we do always recommend hand washing our products. Of course, you can also machine wash the heated clothing at 30 degrees. For the correct instructions, please refer to the product page of the item you wish to wash.