Women’s heated clothing

Nowadays heated clothing for women is no rarity anymore. There always is a way for women to stay warm with heated clothing; BERTSCHAT® has a solution for every use. For use in and around the house, a heated hoodie is a perfect solution. The heated vest for women is fitted so it forms a good fit to the body. The heating elements are close to the body, making heat transfer very efficient. The vest for ladies is available in the single heating and dual heating version. In the dual heating version, you have 10 heating elements. The heated ladies' hoodie is available in five different colours so there is always a nice model of women's heated clothing for you.

Plenty of options with heated clothing for women

If you like to wear women’s heated clothing under your own clothes, there are plenty of options. Heated trousers are ideal to wear under your jeans during cold days. Because the pants are so thin, you hardly notice you are wearing it under your regular clothing. The heating elements are located on the lower back and legs. The pants are available in both single and dual heating versions with the dual heating version having twice as many heating elements.

If you are looking for women’s heated clothing and you would like a warm body then you should order the heated shirt. From all the options for womens heated clothes the shirt is best to wear under a jumper when you go out on a cold day. A simple press of a button turns on the shirt and you can enjoy your women’s heated clothing UK. Like the trousers and hoodie, the shirt is available in both single and dual heating versions.

Make your womens heated clothes complete

For those who still like to wear a short-sleeved shirt but are still looking for women’s heated clothing, the heated bodywarmer is a good solution. You can wear the body warmer over your t-shirt but under a jumper or jacket. It creates an ideal mid-layer that heats up wonderfully, and because you wear a layer over it, this insulates even more.

If you like to wear the women’s heated clothing as top layer, then the heated jacket is the best choice for you. This heated women's jacket is fitted nicely making it snug to the rest of the body.

All women’s heated clothing is powered by a battery or power bank. The powerful rechargeable battery comes standard with the shirt and trousers. The USB rechargeable batteries can be charged on the go. The women’s heated clothing, heated with a power bank are the bodywarmer, hoodie and jacket.

Washing instructions: women’s heated clothing

The women’s heated clothing can get a bit dirty after use. Fortunately, there is the option of washing the women’s heated clothing. We recommend hand-washing but you can also machine-wash the women’s heated clothing at 30 degrees. Besides women’s heated clothing, if you are looking for other ways to keep yourself warm, you can look at gloves and mittens, among others. For men, there is also a wide range of heated clothing available. There are body warmers, hoodies shirts and pants for men to keep the body warm as well.