Womens heated body warmer

Our women’s heated body warmer aims to offer the perfect solution for those who want to spend the cold winter months in the most warm and comfortable way possible. Becoming annoyed (or even staying inside) due to cold gusts of wind and low temperatures is now officially a thing of the past. This ladies’ heated body warmer is without a doubt the best product to effectively combat the cold. Made from soft and thin materials, the BERTSCHAT® women’s heated body warmer is ideal to wear under your favourite sweater or coat as it provides an extra layer of insulation, enhancing the warming effect.

Women’s Heated body warmer

If you require both the maximum amount of heating surfaces and the longest heating time, we recommend our Dual Heating women’s heated body warmer. This model comes equipped as standard with two powerbanks that each power 5 heating areas for a total of 10. To ensure a perfect fit, this women’s heated bodywarmer has 3 zippers on the side and Velcro at the shoulders, so no shortage of possibilities to adjust it at the exact right size for everyone.
For the temperature regulation, this women’s heated bodywarmer disposes of three different levels of heat production, ensuring you always have the right temperature for your needs. Our non-padded models are even thin enough to be discreetly worn under your regular (work) clothes.

Features Heated bodywarmer ladies

For ladies that require a discreet lightweight and thin model of women’s heated body warmer, we recommend looking at our PRO model: different from our Dual Heating line, this variant comes equipped with just one powerbank and heats up 5 separate zones while still keeping the same adjustment possibilities. However, if you require maximum heating, make sure to opt for a Dual Heating women’s heated body warmer.

Complete product range of clothing and women’s heated body warmer

Our heated body warmers are best suited as a first layer, over which a jumper and/or jacket can be worn. Are you looking for a different type of heated garment? Then consult our offerings of heated vests. The operation of a heated vest is pretty much identical, but it has the advantage of being more insulated and therefore being suited to be worn outside. With regards to these products, we also offer Single Heating and Dual Heating variants.

Maximum heating time

If you regularly find yourself running out of battery life, we offer the option to directly order an Extra Powerpack. Choosing this variant will equip your women’s heated body warmer with double the number of batteries thus allowing for twice the heating time. These batteries can easily be charged from any USB-source using the included charging cable.

Advice and warranty for women’s heated body warmer

All BERTSCHAT® products come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. If you run into any problems or questions after the warranty period, you’re still more than welcome to contact one of our specialists who will be happy to help you out or advise you.
Unsure about which product best suits your purpose? Also feel free to call us, our specialists have years of experience and will provide you with the best advice.