Heated Ski Gloves

Are you all set and prepared for your upcoming skiing vacation? Don't forget to pack your reliable companion and best friends on the slope – the heated skiing gloves. They are the key to keeping your hands warm and ensuring your holiday is truly enjoyable, even when it’s freezing cold. Our collection offers a variety of heated ski gloves designed to excel in cold conditions, with high-quality insulation and amazing heating technology. Look no further for the perfect winter gear to battle the snowy mountains.

The best and warmest solution

Explore our broad range of heated ski gloves, including three exceptional pairs of mittens with electric heating. The PRO and Dual Heating models stand out above all others, equipped with 3M Thinsulate for top-notch insulation. For those seeking maximum warmth, the Dual Heated ski gloves boast double the heating surface, making them the ultimate choice for the really cold ones among us.

If you're on the hunt for the best heated ski gloves, our selection won't disappoint you. The PRO and Dual Heating variants, featuring 3M Thinsulate, come highly recommended. You can also consider the Limited Edition, slightly more flexible due to its lighter insulation for optimal freedom of movement.

Thin under gloves

Already have your favourite ski gloves in possession? Enhance their performance with our under gloves, specifically designed for electric heating under a normal glove. Just slip them under your existing gloves, and let your trusty gloves provide the insulation while the under gloves deliver the comforting warmth underneath.

When it comes to powering your heated ski gloves, our standard 2,600 mAh battery pack is included with the gloves. For those who enjoy a full day on the slopes, we highly suggest opting for the more powerful 3,000 or 3,800 mAh battery packs. And for uninterrupted heating during the day, grab an extra battery pack for your gloves. These USB-rechargeable batteries can be easily recharged using a power bank or regular power outage. If you want an economical option, our "Powerpack" for under gloves comes with 2 battery packs, ensuring you can enjoy hours of warmth on the slopes.

Hours of heating

In optimal conditions, the heated ski gloves can provide up to 8 hours of heating. Of course, the amount of hours of heating depends on various factors. Adjusting the heat level will affect warmth and battery life. At maximum setting (Dual Heating), you can expect about 1.5 hours of heating before the batteries are in need of a recharge.

BERTSCHAT® heated ski gloves boast the most extensive heating surface currently available. With Single Heating models covering the entire back of the hand to the fingertips and Dual Heating models providing full coverage of the hand, our gloves ensure maximized warmth. This unique technology is exclusively offered by BERTSCHAT®, setting our heated ski gloves apart as the warmest option available.

Advice and warranty

Have questions about our heated ski gloves? No worries! Our team of specialists is here to guide you in making the right choice. Reach out to us via e-mail, telephone, or chat. For more details on each model, visit the product page of our heated ski gloves. And if you require anything else apart from heated gloves for skiing, check out our broad range of other heated products. Get ready for an amazing winter experience with our heated socks.