Heated Vest Men

BERTSCHAT® offers the mens heated vest in different models and colours. The heated vest men works on the basis of a power bank, the powerful power bank powers the heated vest for men so that you can work outside for hours or enjoy a winter activity. The heated vest men is ideal for hikers, cyclists, winter sports enthusiasts as well as workers who need to perform outdoor activities in the cold days.

The ultimate heated vest men

The heated vest for men is powered by a strong power bank. You place this power bank in the inside pocket of the heated vest. By switching on the power bank and pressing the button on the heated vest men, you can enjoy hours of outdoor activities without experiencing the cold. The heated vest men can be adjusted in three different settings. This allows you to always choose the desired temperature for the heated mens vest. After use, you can easily recharge the power bank of the heated vest for men with the included charging cable. This allows you to enjoy your mens heated vest time after time. The advantage of the power bank is that you can also use other heated products with it, such as the heated jacket.

Different types of heated vest men

The heated vest mens is available in five different colours, grey, black, blue, red and beige. In addition, each colour is available in two different versions, the Single Heating vest and the Dual Heating vest. The Single Heating vest features 5 powerful heating elements distributed over the body, the Dual Heating vest with 10 elements has twice as much. This also means that the Dual Heating heated vest men gets a lot warmer than the Single Heating. To generate this extra heat, the Dual Heating version comes with two powerbanks that can power 5 heating elements each whereas the Single Heating hoodie comes with only one powerbank.

Eelectric heated vest

Every heated vest men gets warm and has a great heat output. However, we do recommend that if you wear the vest outside, to also wear a well-insulated jacket. The heated vest men warms up, but a well-insulated jacket will actually retain the heat in cold situations, allowing you to achieve an even greater effect. Whether the Single Heating or dual heating vest is the best choice for you depends on your heat desire and the purpose of use.
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Heated Clothing for all purposes

Not only the heated vest for men is available to warm you up, but there are a lot more heated products available. You can warm your body with heated shirts, jackets or heated body warmer. To warm your legs we have the heated pants or socks available and for your hands there are different gloves and mittens. With BERTSCHAT® heated apparel you never have to be cold again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The heated vest for men works on the basis of a powerful power bank. You simply connect the power bank to the heated vest. The heated vest for men is adjustable in three different heat settings, allowing you to set the right temperature for every purpose. With the dual-heating version, you operate 5 heat elements per button.

The heated vest for men is, of course, washable. We recommend hand washing for all our products, but you can also wash the vest in your washing machine. Please use a wool cycle at 30 degrees without spinning. When washing your vest, you obviously should disconnect the powerbanks and remove them from the pocket before washing.