Heated Gloves for men

We regularly get questions from male customers, asking whether Heated Gloves for men are the best suitable solution for them. Regardless of the application, Heated Gloves for men are the perfect solution for cold and painful hands as they perfectly lend themselves to outdoors activities such as winter sports, hiking and cycling.

Complete product range of heated gloves for men

Our different models of Heated Gloves for men aim to provide a suitable offering for any given purpose: if you prioritise agility and dexterity of the fingers for activities such as mountain biking, a round of golf or just walking the dog, then our Heated Under Gloves are an excellent choice due to their supple and thin materials. We recommend using these Heated Gloves for men in conjunction with a pair of your own (work) gloves for best results.

If you are simply looking for the warmest available Heated Gloves for men, then check out our Dual Heating line. Featuring a 3M Thinsulate liner and the – exclusive to BERTSCHAT®’s - Dual Heating technology ensures that both sides of the hand are warmed from the wrist to the fingertips! To keep this warmth from escaping the 3M Thinsulate liner increases the insulation value of these Heated Gloves for maximum efficiency.

For those that prefer to have the fingers grouped together, we also offer Heated Mittens. Both our men’s Heated Gloves and Mittens have been equipped with the exact same heating elements and number of wires, making the heat output completely the same.

Most powerful batteries

All our Heated Gloves for men are supplied with powerful batteries. As standard, the 7,4V 2.600 mAh batteries are included, making it possible to operate the Heated Gloves for men anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on which of the three heat levels are used. The higher the selected heat setting, the warmer the Heated Gloves for men will be, but this also means a higher energy consumption. If you require longer continuous operating times, we offer more powerful battery packs such as the 3.000 or the 3.800 mAh. All these battery packs are USB-rechargeable, meaning you can easily top them up on the go with a powerbank or through any USB connection such as a 12V car outlet commonly found in cars.

For all purposes

As previously mentioned, we offer a complete range of Heated Gloves for men, including specially designed Heated Cycling Gloves. These are very flexible and thin but with a waterproof layer and Dual Heating technology, ensuring that you’ll never have cold hands during a bike ride ever again. This makes these the heated gloves men love!
Rest assured; we haven’t forgotten about the motorcyclists. For them we offer specially designed Heated Motorcycle Gloves that come with the required safety standard (EN-13594) and obviously, our Dual Heating technology. Say farewell to cold hands-on motorbike trips!

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