Heated Jacket

Do you live an active outdoor life 365 days a year? But in winter you have to face the cold every year? This is where we offer the solutions. With the BERTSCHAT® Heated Jacket you can continue all your activities, even in cold, freezing winter weather. Even if you have a medical condition, the Heated Jacket can be a godsend. Because the heating elements are placed at strategic points, they can relieve pain and make you feel warm again.

Numerous possibilities

We always offer as broad product range , which is no different with our Heated Jacket. A tailored Heated Jacket is offered especially for women. In addition, there are various options for the Heated Jacket. There are models with 'Single Heating' which is a Heated Jacket with 5 heating zones, three at the back of the jacket and two at the front of the jacket. As a result, this Heated Jacket provides an excellent base and protection against cold temperatures. Are you going to colder areas, or do you get cold more quickly? Then choose the Heated Jacket with Dual Heating. This Heated Jacket uses 10 heating zones. Six heating zones on the back and four on the front, which really heat your entire upper body. The Dual Heating variant is by far the warmest choice for the Heated Jacket. All models of the Heated Jacket are wind and waterproof and feature a soft, comfortable inner layer.

Powerful, multifunctional power banks

A Heated Jacket comes with 1 or 2 powerbanks as standard, depending on the model. Each power bank powers 5 heating zones. The Heated Jacket with Single Heating comes with 1 powerbank and the Heated Jacket with Dual Heating comes with 2 powerbanks. These powerful powerbanks feature 10,000 mAh (5 volts). With these, you can heat for hours. The heating duration depends on several factors. In optimal conditions, you can expect a heating duration of 2 to 10 hours. The higher the heat setting, the more heat the Heated Jacket provides. However, this involves more energy, so this comes at the expense of the heating duration. The ambient temperature also affects the batteries, thus the heating duration. With the Heated Jacket - Dual Heating, you have the choice of purchasing an 'Extra Powerpack'. If you do so, you will receive twice as much battery capacity at a reduced rate and can heat for twice as long.

Complete product range

Are you looking for a product that heats closer to your body? Then take a look at our heated bodywarmer. You can wear this bodywarmer under your jumper and/or jacket, so the product is closer to the skin and the heat reaches your body sooner. An excellent product if you already own a good (Heated) Jacket. Do you have questions about which product or which Heated Jacket suits you best? Then feel free to contact us, a team of specialists is at your service and will be happy to advise you on the product that best suits your needs and purposes. Cold feet? Click here for our heated insoles or heated socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the wide product range, there is always a Heated Jacket to suit your needs. Distinctive features of the Heated Jacket are the big battery capacity, heating surface and innovation. The Heated Jacket is delivered with powerful, fresh power banks, so that your Heated Jacket is heated in the best possible way. Ten large heating areas make Ten enormously large heating areas make the Dual Heating Heated Jacket unique. Because the heating zones are located at strategic points, your upper body never has to experience cold again.

That depends on your needs. Do you want maximum heating surface area and maximum heating duration? Then choose the Heated Jacket with Dual Heating and the Extra Powerpack. This will allow you to heat for hours with ease in extreme weather conditions.

All our Heated Jackets operate with a powerful power bank. This powerbank is responsible for 5 heating zones. Simply connect the powerbank to the Heated Jacket and place it in one of the pockets. By simply pressing the button on the inside of the Heated Jacket, you switch on the heating zones. Once the heating zones are on, you can move to the next heat level by pressing the button. This way, you can always set the desired temperature to suit your purpose.

That depends on several factors, including the heat setting. The higher the heat setting, the more heat the Heated Jacket emits but also more energy is consumed. Heating at a higher temperature is therefore at the expense of the heating time. Although the Heated Jacket is wind and waterproof, you may put on an extra winter jacket in extremely cold condition. This also provides an extra layer of insulation, enhancing the warming effect.

The heating wires of the Heated Jacket are woven into the fabric and can reach a temperature of 68 degrees in optimal conditions. Of course, there is insulation around the heating wires, so this heat never comes into direct contact with your skin. The different settings also allow you to heat at a lower level.