Heated Cycling Gloves

The heated cycling gloves are developed especially for those who love long bike rides. The heated cycling gloves are wind and waterproof and feature the latest techniques, such as Dual Heating. This means that both sides of the hand are heated, making cold hands a thing of the past. The heated cycling gloves are suitable for cycling, but are also great gloves for walking, winter sports or when suffering from Raynaud's syndrome.

Advantages of heated cycling gloves

The advantage of the heated cycling gloves is that they are wind and waterproof. This allows you to cycle or walk in the rain without getting your hands wet. In addition, the heated cycling gloves have the largest possible heating surface thanks to the Dual Heating technology. This means that both sides of your hands from wrist to fingertips are heated. Despite all these technologies, the heated cycling gloves are flexible. You can still make fine movements and shift gears properly on your bike. Thanks to the touchscreen function, you can also operate your mobile phone while wearing the cycling gloves.

Alternatives heated gloves for cycling

Do you already own quality cycling gloves? Then the heated under gloves are an excellent choice. You can wear these under your own cycling gloves, which provides an extra layer of insulation. On the other hand, we also offer heated bicycle gloves models with more insulation. So if you are you going to cold areas or you are a reel shivery person then the heated cycling gloves with 3M Thinsulate are recommended. This high-quality material allows the cycling gloves to retain heat even better. As a result, they are a fraction thicker.
Which is better: heated cycling gloves or mittens?
For heated cycling gloves, it makes little difference as each finger is (double) heated. As a result, you will experience enough warmth over every part of your hands thanks to the heated cycling gloves. It comes down to your personal preference as both the heated cycling gloves and mittens have the same properties. The big difference is the shape of the heated cycling gloves.

Powerful, USB rechargeable batteries

All heated cycling gloves come with powerful 2,600 mAh batteries as standard. These batteries allow for about 1.5 to 8 hours of heating. Would you like to heat for longer? No problem, just choose a more powerful battery pack. You can choose between the 3,000 mAh and 3,800 mAh. Heat duration always depends on several factors, including heat level and ambient temperature. All battery packs with the heated cycling gloves are USB rechargeable, which means you can charge them on the go using a power bank or a USB connection in your car.

Advice and warranty on cycling heated gloves.

All BERTSCHAT® products have a 1-year factory warranty as standard. Do you have questions or problems after that time? Feel free to contact us. Our team of specialists is always ready to answer all your questions about the heated gloves or orther heated clothes. If you are unsure whether you are making the right choice regarding heated cycling gloves, please feel free to contact us, our specialists will be happy to advise you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

This differs per person. The heated cycling gloves are made especially for cyclists and tailored to a cyclist's needs. This is what makes them the ultimate heated cycling gloves. If you are looking for slightly thicker, better insulating heated cycling gloves, choose gloves with 3M Thinsulate.

Operating the gloves is very easy. You place the included batteries in the designated compartment of the cycling gloves. With a push on the button of the heated cycling gloves, the gloves come on. Now you can switch between the different heat settings by pressing the button again, this way you always choose the right temperature.

This can vary per glove. It is advisable to follow the size chart on the product page of the corresponding heated cycling gloves. In the unlikely event that you order the wrong size, we will simply exchange it.

This depends on several factors. The higher the temperature of the cycling gloves, the warmer they become. However, a higher setting consumes more energy which shortens the heating time. On average, you can heat for about 1.5 to 8 hours with the heated cycling gloves. Do you want to heat for longer? Then opt for a more powerful battery pack.