How Formula 1 World Champion keeps his head (and body) cool

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Many F1 fans must have seen the races in hot countries. With high ambient and asphalt temperatures that can reach up to 60 degrees the drivers can benefit from proper cooling. For these circumstances, Phase Change Material is perfectly suited, keeping the body at a constant temperature, preventing you from overheating.

What is Phase Change Material?
Phase Change Material (PCM) is a type of thermal battery. Heat absorption from the environment (body temperature) melts the PCM material and cools the environment (body). When the temperature drops, the material solidifies again by releasing heat to the environment. These cycles last from a few hours to a working day, depending on the ambient temperature and the type of elements chosen.

©JoostNederpelt: Max Verstappen wearing a cooling vest at the French Grand Prix - Circuit Paul Ricard
Extremely comfortable and effective

The improved cooling element is divided into 8 compartments, making the new design very comfortable to wear. This allows you to perform numerous tasks while wearing the cooling vest. Whether you work as a mechanic in high temperatures, as a painter in the sun, as a (future) Formula 1 driver on a hot track or are easily affected by temperature fluctuations, the PCM vest is perfect for every purpose.

Different cooling elements:
BERTSCHAT® has chosen to offer three different cooling elements with the cooling vest, so there is a suitable choice for every purpose.

  • C15: These elements provide constant cooling up to 15 degrees. The body temperature is normally between 36.5°C and 37.5°C. So these elements give a substantial cooling of almost 20 degrees and feel the coldest. However, this also means that they 'thaw' fastest. The cooling time is 2 to 4 hours and is ideal for factory workers working in high temperatures. During a break, the elements can be easily and quickly reactivated by placing them in a fridge or freezer for a short time.
  • C24: These elements are the most commonly chosen, given their pleasant cooling temperature of 24 degrees. They are ideal for everyday use such as cycling, hiking and motorcycling. These elements have a longer cooling duration, around 2 to 6 hours.
  • C28: Are you looking to cool down for an entire day on one charge? Then we recommend the C28. With a cooling temperature of around 28 degrees, it gives a slight chill and is ideal for longer (work) shifts.

The cooling temperature always depends on the ambient temperature. If you work in direct sunlight at higher temperatures, you will have a shorter cooling duration than if you work in the shade. However, the elements can be quickly reactivated by placing them in a freezer or refrigerator. This allows them to be used again and again.

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