Cooling Hat PRO - Evaporation | Kaki
Cooling Hat PRO - Evaporation | Kaki
Cooling Hat PRO - Evaporation | Kaki
Cooling Hat PRO - Evaporation | Kaki

Cooling Hat PRO - Evaporation | Kaki

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BERTSCHAT® presents a new edition of the cooling cap: the PRO version! This PRO version enhances the cooling effect by having larger cooling surfaces on the inside and on the brim of the cap. Efficiently protect yourself from the hot rays of the sun and high temperatures with the all new BERTSCHAT® PRO cooling cap.

How does the cooling cap work?

Simply activate the cooling surfaces with 100 ml of water. Pour the water over the outside of the cap, then gently wring the cap so that it is almost dry again. Now you can enjoy the cooling effect up to 8 hours. After this, the cap is easily reactivated by repeating these steps.

Multipurpose use:

Are you an outside type of person or do you need to work outdoors? Then the cooling cap is an absolute must-have. This all new PRO version of the cap is available in different colours, so there is always a cap that matches your outfit. The cap is also ideal for hikers, cyclists, or those for which it is essential to keep their heads cool.

Complete range

Besides the cooling cap, we also offer other cooling products that can be of good use during hot days, such as the cooling vest. If you suffer from warm and sweaty nights, then check out our cooling pillowcases and fitted sheets on the cooling products category page.


  • One size fits all.
  • Enlarged cooling surface.
  • Different colours: white, blue, black, khaki, grey
  • UV protection
  • Adjustable cap
  • Evaporation
  • Cools for up to 8 hours on a single refill.
  • Instant cooling effect

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Keep your cool

The cap is adjustable, so it fits both my wife and me. The cap can be activated over and over again, making it user-friendly. Do recommend wringing it out well, otherwise your hair can get damp (tip from my wife). This doesn't bother me with my bald pats

Norman Unsworth
Highly recommended

Tried this product before. Tried it during hot days and this really is the solution for cooling your head. Easy to use and therefore ordered this cap again as a gift for a family member. Super product

Jennifer Hughes
Good quality and fast

Very easy and efficient. Excellent quality. Delivery within 2 days.

Ann Houghton
Nice colour and price, prompt delivery

Excellent product does exactly as advertised. Delivery was fine, thanks for posting it as you normally offer only Uk mainland delivery. 5 stars for service then.

Lucy H. Pinar
Great summer hat

I love the hat. I wear it to the lake and pool for shade. When my head or face gets a little heated I just dip the hat in the water and put it back on. Cools me down. The cap can be a bit on the large side if you have a small head. But it is adjustable due to the Velcro on the back, so that it always fits.